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Skywalker Trouble Shooting

Team Sky Walkers are committed to assisting you with your Sky Walker troubleshooting. You can use the below guide to help identify and resolve basic problems you may be experiencing with your Sky Walker.

We would like to recommend some steps to self-troubleshoot at your home convenience.

Firstly, please do ensure the following conditions are met: Sky Walker has been charged and has not been in contact with any liquids (rain/ puddles of water etc.)

How do I know if my Sky Walker is charging?

  • Plug the charger into power outlet, a green light will appear. Connect the charger into the Sky Walker. A red light should appear on battery pack to indicate the board is charging. 

  • After 2-3 hours, the charger light should light green to indicate a full charge.

  • The Sky Walker's indicator lights in the middle of the board can flash yellow/ orange whilst on charge. 

My Sky Walker vibrates when I’m riding it. How do I stop it?

The minimum weight is 25kg. If you are on the lighter side make sure your feet are correctly positioned on the pressure pads (centered with toes slightly over the edge). Bend your knees and press down.

If problem persist, please refer to Sky Walker Calibration.

My Sky Walker won’t stop beeping and flashing red. What does this mean?

You fell off the Sky Walker.

If unexpectedly dismounted, the Sky Walker will emit a warning beeping sound to let you know its sensors have been thrown out. Our Sky Walker needs to be reset.

Please refer to Sky Walker Calibration.

You activated the speed alarm.

The Sky Walker has an inbuilt speed alarm that will sound when you are moving faster than 10km per hour. Reduce your speed to deactivate the speed alarm.

The Sky Walker has low-battery.

The Display Panel will flash red alerting you to charge your Sky Walker. Make sure it is fully charged.

My Sky Walker isn’t turning ON.

Make sure the Sky Walker is fully charged. Press the POWER button of the Sky Walker, it should beep, indicating that it has been powered-on and green indicator light should appear on one side.

One side of my Sky Walker isn’t working, what do I do?

Please refer to Sky Walker Calibration.

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