About Skywalkers

We’re The Nation's
#1 Most Trusted Brand

Our Mission

Help You Skywalk Your Way Around With
The Safest Self Balancing Scooter in Australia

Our Purpose

At Skywalkers, there’s a reason we come to work here every day:

To provide you with the safest, most fun, and intuitive self balancing scooter products in the market.

We realized everyone wanted a quality product that felt like they were skywalking their way around.

But where do you find quality in a market that’s filled up with cheap products?

Skywalkers is the constant and proud answer to that question.

Our Edge

By exceeding Australian standards, using only highest quality certified materials,
with a nationwide 1 year unlimited warranty.

While a lot of brands are still figuring out how to use gyroscopic technology effectively, our Sky
Walker is able to sense the slightest movements in your feet, making your way around effortless.

It’s almost as if you’re thinking your way around!

Our Promise To You

Your experience using the Sky Walker will be nothing less than


Whether you’re traversing terrains such as grass, uneven pavement and terrain,

with Sky Walker you feel simply freedom on wheels.